About Us

Norden Millimeter is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California and is part of the large technology base that is the continuing expansion of Silicon Valley.  Extensive Engineering and prototyping capability, a trained manufacturing staff, experienced vendor/supplier base and a friendly living setting make this a great location for our amplifier multiplier product development and manufacturing.

Norden Millimeter has extensive experience in product development and manufacturing of millimeter wave amplifier products to specific customer specifications with quality and customer satisfaction the ultimate objective.

MMIC technology is used extensively throughout our product base. Extensive qualification is used to insure MIC integrity during our manufacturing process and for our customer’s final application.

Waveguide is offered for our millimeter wave products. WR-42, WR-28, WR-22, & WR-19 waveguide connectors can be used on all of our standard housings in lieu of threaded connectors. WR-15, WR-12 and WR-10 housings are split-block designs with waveguide being an integral part of the housing. We use the above standard waveguides as well as customer specific custom waveguides and flanges.

Low noise figure millimeter wave amplifier and high output power millimeter wave amplifier capability are used as the base for our extensive products of specialty amplifiers, millimeter frequency multiplier, millimeter VCO and millimeter DRO assembly capability. Our products cover the frequency range from microwave up through 110 GHz.