About Us

Norden Millimeter is the leading worldwide provider of state-of-the-art microwave and millimeter wave products. Since 2001, we have developed frequency converters, frequency multipliers, RF amplifiers, and custom assemblies for military, commercial, and test applications. We continue to expand our catalog of product designs to match the needs of today’s increasingly advanced technology.

Located in Northern California in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Norden Millimeter compliments our robust manufacturing capabilities with world-class engineering and prototyping services. Pioneers of millimeter wave technology, Norden is always looking towards the horizon of innovation. Norden specializes in the product development and manufacturing of custom millimeter wave hardware. Norden utilizes proven RF circuits to provide low-risk solutions on schedule.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that they receive unparalleled quality and customer service. A customer-oriented company, Norden is committed to best serving its industry and government partners. With an experienced manufacturing staff and an attentive logistics team, we continue to lead the industry in product development and manufacturing.

Our Technology and Process

Whether it’s one of our standard products in our catalog, or if you need a custom assembly developed to meet specific customer specifications, our focus remains on:

– Quality Designs
– Customer Satisfaction
– Meeting Deadlines

We integrate MMIC technology throughout our product base. Every component in a Norden product undergoes extensive testing and qualification to ensure component integrity during manufacturing and reliability in the field.

We offer low noise figure millimeter wave amplifiers and high output power millimeter-wave amplifier capabilities for all our products, including millimeter frequency multipliers, VCOs, and DRO assemblies. Our products currently cover the 0.5 to 110 GHz spectrum, and we’re always evaluating new technology to stay up to date with the latest needs.

Who We Are at Norden Millimeter

Led by a team of engineers and manufacturers, Norden Millimeter continues to expand both its product offerings and customer base. We are known for our personalized service, on-time deliveries, and quality workmanship.

Start a quote today by contacting our sales team, or to learn more about our history here in Northern California and why we remain the right choice for your next RF and MMW products.