5G and Telecommunications Microwave and MMW RF Products

RF Amplifiers, Converters, Multipliers and Transceivers for 5G and Telecommunication Use

5G is already here. But the infrastructure to create effective 5G communications throughout the country is still being built. Businesses and municipalities that work in telecommunications are in need of a company that can create these 5G components at scale, with products that will withstand a variety of products for your broadband and cellular networks.

With frequency converters, amplifiers, multipliers, and transceivers that range from 0.5 GHz to 110 GHz, Norden Millimeter has both catalog products and custom assemblies that are available for your 5G needs. Use the form below to receive a catalog, or call (530) 719-4704 to speak to our sales team.

About Our Telecommunications and 5G Products

As telecommunication companies start to expand 5G coverage, the ability to obtain effective RF, millimeter wave, and microwave products is going to be essential. Norden creates the 5G RF solutions that are critical for your project’s timely completion. Each one is carefully engineered, thoroughly tested, and designed to match the exact requirements of your build.

Some of our most popular products in the 5G space include the following down converters and up converters:

We can also create custom builds if required, and have several other products available in our catalog. 

Why Choose Norden Millimeter?

Norden Millimeter has provided microwave and millimeter wave technology for over 20 years, and was one of the first companies to create standardized frequency converters that are ready for 5G and other telecommunications uses, Norden Millimeter is the leading choice for 5G engineers looking for a product that matches their needs. Contact Norden today for a quote.