Frequency Multipliers

Frequency Mulitipliers

With products that span a range of different frequencies, Norden Millimeter is the nation’s top choice for frequency multipliers used in military, communication, and test equipment applications. We have a catalog of products available that can be ordered using the form below, and our ability to create custom builds at scale for your projects is second to none.

Fill out your information below for our frequency multiplier catalog or call our sales staff at (530) 719-4704 to obtain a quote for our services and more information about the products we have available.

About Our Frequency Multipliers

Norden Millimeter provides frequency multipliers for a variety of military and commercial applications. Used in defense, telecommunications, test equipment applications, and beyond, our frequency multipliers each come with their own specs to meet the needs of your project.

Details of each multiplier can be found on our catalog, or by clicking on the appropriate product sheet below. They include specifications such as:

  • Multiplication from 2x to 12x and higher.
  • Both wide band and narrow band units.
  • Frequencies that range from 4GHz to 75GHz.

Our catalog has several products that have been designed, tested, and built for organizations all across the world. Custom builds are also available for clients that require something specific that matches their needs.

Start Today with Norden Millimeter

Norden Millimeter has been an industry leader in the development of frequency multipliers across the public and private sector, and all of our designs are carefully engineered and developed by our experienced in-house team. Call us at (530) 719-4704 for a quote, or to gain additional insight into our services.