RF Products for Satellite Communication

RF Amplifiers, Converters, Multipliers and Transceivers for Military and Commercial SatCom Use

Satellite communications continue to improve, and part of the reason for that improvement is the advancement of frequency conversion and signal generation technology. At Norden Millimeter, we create the frequency converters, amplifiers, multipliers, and more that are capable of meeting your ground communications requirements. 

Receive a catalog of our SatCom products today by filling out your information on the form below. We also encourage you to contact our sales team at (530) 719-4704 for a quote, or to discuss your project’s needs. Norden Millimeter is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 D certified by SCB and IAPMO Company.

About Our Satellite Communication RF Products

At Norden, we craft converters, amplifiers, and other products that are between 0.5 and 110 GHz depending on the design. When used in SatCom applications, these devices make it easy to relay signals, receive transmissions, and communicate between satellites, satellite dishes, ground communications, and more. Our products are used across a range of applications, including:

  • Military
  • Commercial
  • Research

Some of our most popular include low noise amplifier in both ground and airborne applications. We can also create custom assemblies if needed. You can find our products throughout the US, used in aircraft systems, satellite terminals, receivers, 5G, broadband, and beyond. 

Why Choose Norden Millimeter?

In the field of both commercial and military satellite communications, it is imperative to have RF products that are precisely engineered for any conditions. At Norden Millimeter, our 20+ years of extensive engineering experience and commitment to the highest quality in RF products means that you always receive the converters, amplifiers, transceivers, and other components that will meet the requirements of your application.

Give our sales team a call today at (530) 719-4704 to discuss pricing, or for more information about both our catalog products and our custom build services.