Microwave and MMW RF Products for Commercial Use

RF Amplifiers, Converters, Multipliers and Transceivers for the Private Sector

Across the corporate landscape, there are organizations that require RF converters, multipliers, transceivers, and amplifiers for a wide variety of projects. At Norden Millimeter, we have a catalog of products and custom assembly options to manufacture the microwave and millimeter wave components that your project needs.

You can view our catalog by filling out your information below. If you would like a quote, or you’d like personalized service to discuss your project’s requirements, you can contact us at (530) 719-4704 to speak to one of our experienced sales staff. 

About Our Commercial RF Products

Norden Millimeter creates down converters, up converters, transceivers, and other products that are used throughout the commercial space. Our RF products span from 0.5 to 110 GHz depending on the specs of each design, and are used in aerospace, telecommunications, and so much more. Some of our most popular products for commercial use include:

We encourage you to review our catalog to see which products are most likely to meet your needs. We also have the ability to create high quality custom builds that are engineered specifically for your goals.

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